Each insured pays a basic premium and a premium per day for the number of days traveling.

Basic premium Premium per day
2 – 16 yrs 17 – 36 yrs 37 – 59 yrs 60 – 79 yrs
USD 42 3.30 4.50 6.80 9.50
Non Medical Option 2.50
Trip Cancellation Option 2.00

Note: 13% VAT is an Extra

  Benefits : Bupa Global Single Trip Policy

(World wide except Permanent residential address and Iraq & Afghanistan)

Valid from 1 January 2011

The List of cover and benefits is part of the Policy Conditions

Maximum cover and benefits are per person per trip.

Basic Cover USD
Maximum cover per person per trip Unlimited
Hospitalization 100%
Outpatient treatment by doctor/specialist 100%
Prescribed medicines 100%
Prescribed treatment by physiotherapist/chiropractor 2,500
Provisional pain relieving dental treatment 300
Ambulance transportation 100%
Medical evacuation/repatriation (must be pre-approved by the company) 100%
Mugging and assault – crisis psychologist 250 per incident
Evacuation 100%
Return trip 100%
Compassionate emergency repatriation 100%
Accompaniment 100%
Compassionate emergency visit 100%
Accommodation (overnight stay), meals and local transportation for an insured unable to continue their travel itinerary due to acute illness or injury, or persons summoned or accompanying an insured, per person  

6,000 per day 300

Statutory arrangements in case of death 100%
Home transportation of the deceased 100%
Continuation of trip post treatment (must be pre-approved by the Company) 100%

Maximum Cover and benefits are per person per trip:

Note :13 % Vat is  an Extra

Non-Medical Option USD
Personal accident – death and disability 100,000
Maximum baggage cover per person per trip 4,000
Theft, robbery and fire 100% of the maximum baggage cover
Loss of or damage to registered baggage 100% of the maximum baggage cover
Theft of passport and / or cash 10% of the maximum baggage cover
Baggage delay 1000
Deductible for Car insurance 2000
Personal liability – property damage 500,000
Personal liability – bodily injury 1,000,000
Travel delay – documented expenses for accommodation (overnight stay) and meals 750 per day 100
Missed flight connection 1,000
Hospital daily benefit 2,000 per day 50
Security and legal assistance 10,000
Replacement employee 10,000 per day 500
Hijacking 1,500 per day 150
Trip Cancellation Option USD
Per Person per trip 3,000

Minimum Days to be Insured 200

Premium Per Day USD
Basic 5.25
Non-Medical Option 3.71
Trip Cancellation Option 3.12